#29: “The Hills”

One of my dreams is to alleviate the transport problems in Sydney. We haven’t had a proper rail system in the North-West (Hills) area and it’s been promised since I was born apparently, which was 22 years ago. I study Civil Engineering and the plan is to work in rail and strategic planning for Sydney in determining where the new rail services should go. From hearing all the Sydney-siders complaining about transport, you can see that it has a significant influence on their quality of life. And improving the standard of transport at work will have a significant impact on their standard of living.


#28: What is a dream if it wasn’t almost impossible?

My dreams have always been extraordinary and as a result, people would generally say I’m unrealistic or downright crazy. I would tell them that one day I would open my own company and make it globally recognised, I would use the company name and start a school and expand it into a small town, city and even country. I want to create a place where I can give others the opportunity to learn, develop and grow. People can call me crazy all they like, but this is my dream. I mean, what is a dream if it wasn’t almost impossible to achieve?

#27: Health is Wealth

My aim in life is to live longer. The age expectancy is 65 in India whilst here in Australia it’s 85. This is one of the reasons why I moved over here. There are so many people who are in stressful jobs which makes them age faster. And if you age faster, no matter how much money you could pay, you won’t be able to get back those years you’ve lost. This is why it’s important to live a stress free life, because health is wealth.

#26: Are those thongs?

I have a dream but I don’t know how to get there. In the long-run I want to do international marketing, mainly because I love seeing how different cultures work together, learning new languages and seeing the little differences we all have. An example would be when be when I was in Taiwan for exchange. I had a few American friends and we were in a volleyball sports class together, and I saw another guy wearing thongs on the court. I went to my American friend and said “hey, how’s that guy playing volleyball with thongs?”.
She whispered, “how can you tell?” and I just told her, “you can see it! can’t you see it?” She was confused and asked “what are you talking about? how can you tell?!”.

5 minutes passed and then I realised she thought that thongs were something else.
Crystal has also started her own campaign regarding the value of dropping your phone and enjoying your life around you. Check it out here!https://www.facebook.com/whydontyouDropYourPhone?fref=ts

#25: I’m going to be ambitious here

My dream is to serve others and to have a heart to serve others. I became the president of Compassion UNSW and I think it’s a very good way to help others to work on their convictions and desires to help out the poor – and I look forward to cultivating them.

My vision for Compassion UNSW next year is to have more awareness going on, and God-willing, try and encourage others to sponsor so the encouragement goes both ways from the children and the students. I want to see a growth in the society, and I’m going to be ambitious here, I want another 50 groups from Compassion UNSW next year.
Compassion UNSW is an organisation that seeks to support Christian child development and be advocates for children living in extreme poverty through partnership with Compassion Australia. Typically in groups of 5, students are connected together to sponsor one child. Check out their Facebook page for more information on how you can join in, and watch our recent collaboration video here: http://tinyurl.com/qagbtsh


My dream is for the bible to be translated in all local dialects. When I was small, in my village in Kathmandu, there was a hospital that was established by Christian missionaries. As I happened to go there, I found a small book shelf and found stories of Jesus all translated in the Nepalese language. I was very much interested, but this was a time when Christianity was banned in Nepal, and those who converted would go to jail. I wanted to learn more, but those leaflets weren’t in my dialect. So I was referred to a church in India, and they used to send me bible literature in my dialect and I would answer it back through post. And that’s how I came to learn about Jesus Christ.

I was talking to some people recently and I told them I could translate the bible in my dialect which they could bring back to my community. She told me that she would talk to a translation service in Canberra, and this is very encouraging for me

DreamJobbing with Lantography


Who wants to win an opportunity to experience working in your dream job? DreamJobbing is an exciting “opportunity platform” offering once-in-a-lifetime short term employment opportunities. Recently Toronto-based photographer Arnold Lan (instagram: @arnoldlan) had an incredible opportunity to photograph the beauties of Norway on an 19-day all expense paid trip (video in the comment below). No Australians have won a DreamJob yet, so start looking out for new jobs and be the first Aussie to have this experience of a lifetime!

Visit the link below to read an interview with Arnold.

Source: DreamJobbing with Lantography


#13: Empathy

In everything I do, I want to make the people that I meet feel understood. We’ve all encountered brokenness in our lives, and intuitively because I’ve been through my own brokenness, I can empathise with people. I want to be in the trenches with the people instead of being so removed from a distance. My commitment comes down to my commitment to Christ, who’s the centrality to my faith, and I want to believe that God’s given me a pastoral way to care for people. Career-wise, I’m currently working as an engineer in the renewable-energy industry and my heart goes out to being a part of installing energy systems in very remote areas. I would love to see communities thrive and be empowered as a product of my work.