#7: “I found my tribe, and that’s what really matters.”

“I grew up living in a fantasy world of late nights and early mornings spent reading. I always had a penchant for the epic and a flair for the dramatic. My imagination was my best friend and favourite escape. Resigned to a life imposed on me by those who deigned to know best, striving to attain impossible standards, I drifted through high school, a high-achieving waste of creativity and intellect, never quite content. Looking back, the years blur into a haze, as what is meaningless often does – if you are living in a way that does not inspire passion in you, are you really living?

I remember the exact moment I decided I was going to be an actress, for me it was a single moment of clarity. It was suddenly very clear to me, something that I had subconsciously known my whole life surfaced that day. It takes just one moment to commit to the life you dream of. Be fearless. Since that summer evening, I have lived in NYC, moved across USA to the city of angels that I’ll soon call home, discovered more in people than I ever thought could exist, seen resilience that strikes my soul. I have had my life immeasurably touched by beautiful people, and hopefully made a difference in theirs – found my tribe and that’s what really matters.

I’ve booked my first feature role, worked with the truly inspired, go out regularly for auditions. I am currently in Indonesia filming a travel show for the Discovery Channel, writing this 10pm from my hotel room. I want to live an extraordinary life. Not somebody else’s idea of my life. Don’t just dream of it, live it. Distil it down to the core, and it really is that simple. Love the life you dream of, and live the life you love.”


2 thoughts on “#7: “I found my tribe, and that’s what really matters.”

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  2. The last 5 sentences really hit my center. I’ve been having trouble with figuring out what I want to do with my life, but I think I’ve figured it out. Your words have reached another. Thank you.


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